SHOCKER! Welcome To The Nu dist Town, Where Everybody Goes About Na ked

na ked town

The French Mediterranean resort town of Cap d’Agde is famous not only for its fabulous nature, but also for its residents and guests being able to walk nu’de wherever they go.

You can frolic in the sea, eat fresh food and enjoy a bumpin’ nightlife. Or, you can head on over the nu’dist area of the town and strip on down with your fellow naturists and enjoy a life of leisure al fresco.

The scandalous town has been nicknamed “the nak’ed” city… guess why. It is trafficked by about 40,000 people a day. They come mainly during the warm months because the entire town – not just the beach where nu’dity is technically mandatory – is nu’dist.

You can enjoy the fresh winding touching your body no matter where you go and what you do: go shopping, eating, even banking – as long as you pay the entrance fee.

We wish we could show you photos, but taking pictures not of your family or travel companions is prohibited.



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