10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of S EX Everyone Should Know […Take a Look]


#3:. S ex reduces stress

People who have S ex at least once every two weeks are better able to manage stressful situations in life, such as public speaking. That’s according to findings of a study conducted by the University of the West of Scotland. Study author and psychology professor Stuart Brody, Ph.D. explains that during S ex endorphins and oxytocin (feel-good horm ones) are released and these horm ones activate pleasure centers in the brain that create feelings of int imacy and relaxation, which help stave off anxiety and depression.

You don’t have to get an or gasm to reap the benefit, but you do get the biggest surge of stress-busting horm ones when you cli max. All the more reason to aim for a stellar finish! Click “Continue Reading” to see #4 Mind Blowing Benefits of s ex



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