10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of S EX Everyone Should Know […Take a Look]


#7:. S ex eases annoying aches and pains.

Have a migraine? Before you reach for an aspirin, try an or gasm. What? The surge of horm ones released after an or gasm can help ease any annoying aches and pain you have, be it a headache or strained back. This is according to findings of study conducted at the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University. In the study, half of women who suffered migraines reported relief after cli maxing.

Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D., explains: “The endorphins that are released during an or gasm closely resemble morphine, and they effectively relieve pain.” Talk about flipping the script. This is how the script should read whenever you have an ache or pain and your man is around: “Yes, honey. I want it now—I have a headache.” Click “Continue Reading” to see #8 Mind Blowing Benefits of s ex



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