5 Wrong Things Women Do with Men that End a Relationship Before it Even Starts


Every girl loves the feeling of meeting with someone new, exchanging numbers, catching fun, feeling that inevitable spark, going on a walk, thinking of him always, telling friend he has
seen Mr. right.

But out of a sudden, something changes, as he either starts to pull away or seem less engaged or the worst one of all, begin to ignore her………

Most often, during the start of a relationship men tend to live more in the moment and need more time for themselves but women always want to get stuck and just jump into the relationship.

Girls are always very curious at the start of a relationship. they try to figure it all out loosing sight of what is important not knowing every thing is a gradual process. The actual relationship in actual time, causing a budding relationship to turn into a non-existing one.
Ladies below are the five (5) wrong things you do with men that ends a relationship before it even starts. continue reading…..

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