LADIES! 11 ways To Prevent Your Brɇasts From SAGGING

1#5:. Use a moisturizing lotion or cream. Many people don’t pay much attention to this part of the body when it comes to moisturizing. Use lotion, cream or oil to keep the skin on your brɇasts soft and supple.

#6:. Try to maintain a steady weight. An up and down method of dieting is one cause of premature brɇast sagging. That’s because gaining weight stretches out the skin, and it doesn’t necessarily snap back into place when the weight comes back off. If you gain and lose weight enough times, the skin will begin to sag. So to keep your brɇasts from drooping, try to keep your weight within a healthy range for your height and build.When you wanna loose weight, do it slowly using a healthy strategy instead of taking it all off as fast as you can. Click “Continue Reading



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