Exposed!! 6 Nollywood Celebrities Who Completely Dumped Christianity

0Because human being from times long past have always longed for ways of explaining things that are beyond their sphere of knowledge, Religion became a general part of the human make-up and also part of our cultural and intellectual history. We all have one or two religious doctrines that affect our whole personality.

Many Nigerians Change religion almost every day especially when they are not affected exactly the way they want to be affected by the religion they practice. Some others change also when they are looking for that specific religion that would build their faith, make them stronger, give them peace and most importantly, make them prosperous and influential.

While many celebrities are busy turning born-again, some other celebrities in Nigeria have proved the need to go where you find peace of mind by recently dumping Christianity for Islam and Hinduism citing some very personal reasons.

We bring you the top 6 celebrities who currently have abandoned Christianity for Islam and Hinduism. Have a quick look below – Click Continue Reading” to see them

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