5 Things You Must Do if You Have Unprotected S ex [Especially #5 – Must Read]

3#3:. Test for STD and HIV

Fears of infection with STD or the dreaded killer disease HIV is heightened after unprotected s exual intercourse. It is mandatory that you test to screen for STD and HIV. If possible, such test should be conducted with your s exual partner. STD to be tested for includes Hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia.

This can be carried out with blood samples or via a vag inal/ penile swab. However, results gotten from an early test are inconclusive hence test must be repeated after 6 months for cases of HIV and Hepatitis. Testing after having unprotected s exual intercourse allays fear/ anxiety and increases the chance of early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of s exually transmitted disease. Click “Continue Reading” to see #4 Things to do



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