10 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing in their Dating Lives… [MUST READ FOR YOU!!!]

#1:. Pretending they’re “into you” just to get you “into” bed.

Men tend to operate under this misapprehension that the only way to get someone to have sex with you is to trick them, playing very elaborate games that even Jigsaw would say is too much. To get a girl to sleep with you, you need to treat her poorly and lower herself esteem to such a point that her only recourse is to bone you — and suck your dick if she wants to live. But the thing is: Girls know that trick. They’re not stupid. They know all the games, and they want to get laid as much as you do. However, they’re more likely to do that (and feel good about it) when you’re up front about what you want. They aren’t all flowers and sunshine and marriage. They’re DTF, but not Down To Get Disrespected.

Want to get laid? Be cool and be honest. That’s the panty-dropper right there.

#2:. Bullying people into messaging them back on OKCupid.

My roommate, God love her, is wading through the sea of misery that is online dating. Although OKCupid has its hidden treasures — I met my last ex there — it has its share of guys you could never see yourself dating. And that’s okay. There will be someone out there for them. However, the guys you have zero interest in never seem to take a hint. They’ll message you and then message you again when they don’t hear back. And then follow up by berating you, complaining about what a “nice guy” they are and what a “bitch” you are. Trust me, dude. If you have to qualify yourself as a nice guy, you’re not that nice, and if you were truly a good human being, you’d take the hint and leave the poor girl alone. She doesn’t want her muffin buttered by you. You can go shave your back now.



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