10 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing in their Dating Lives… [MUST READ FOR YOU!!!]

#5.: Expecting other people to be perfect.

Too many guys have this skewed vision of what their mates are like — as if a partner is this magical creature who can change them, the Manic Pixie Dream Angel who floats down from heaven. However, your partner isn’t a motherfucking unicorn, and if they are, they’re a unicorn that poops, farts, cries, has human emotions and pukes when they are sick. They feel all the same things that you do, and they aren’t perfect. It’s bullshit like this that allows guys to categorize anyone as “crazy” for doing something they don’t like. Expecting you to be on time? Crazy. Wanting you to listen to their bullshit too? Crazy. Hoping they can actually share the not-nice parts of themselves without you bailing at the first sign of trouble? So fucking crazy.

#6:. Only giving compliments based on looks.

Hey, everyone loves when someone tells them they look hot. No one is the world has perfect self-esteem and we all love when someone notices if we got a a new haircut or have been going to the gym more often. When my butt is having a fantastic day, it’s nice to have that goodness affirmed. However, I would always prefer to be complimented on the person I am, inside of what that person happens to look like. Sure, it’s hard work to put on clean underwear and look presentable, but it’s harder work maintaining friendships, being a healthy functioning human and not killing people every day. Compliment me on my ability to have not murdered anyone at the end of the work day. That’s what I appreciate.



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