Top 9 Reasons Men Get Rejected by the Women They Want [Read & Learn]

women reject menHave you been shot down recently? It was probably for one of these 9 reasons. Find out why you got rejected, and learn how to stay in the game! By Eli Walton from LP

There are a number of reasons why a woman might reject a man. Most of them, the guy has some control over, although not all. Sometimes it’s you, and sometimes it’s not.

Women get hit on and approached by guys a lot. In one way this works against you, as you’re just another dude trying to chat her up. But if you can play it right, it will work for you. Most of the guys hitting on a woman are creeps, or jerks, or just disrespectful. It doesn’t take too much to stand out above those men.

Why are you getting rejected by the woman you like?

Here are the most common reasons that a woman will shoot down a man. You’ll notice that some are beyond your control, but most of them are mistakes that guys make. Are you making any of these?

Read on to find out, and correct the ones you’re getting wrong. Your love life will be glad you did… Click “CONTINUE READING”

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