Meet 12 Super-Rich and Powerful, Yet Single Nigerian Women [So Beautiful & Filthy RICH]

deola-saoeCelebrating Strong Single women or mothers!

Wow, Do I not just love looking through this list? Yes, I love strong, Independent women! They are rich, powerful and a good number of them are drop-dead gorgeous. Those that are not super-rich in their own rights have fathers who have tons of money to have any man come running after them.

Those among them who have tasted the juice of matrimony soon found its after-taste a bit bitter and have done away with it, preferring to remain single even after a child or two. But others seem to be too busy to have time for any form of romance that could lead to the altar or is it that no man good enough has come their way to propose?

Whatever the case may be, they are yet to find their better-halves. Some are in their twenties, thirties and others are hitting on forties and beyond.

Here are some of the daughters of the super-rich who are still single. Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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