REVEALED!! Secrets Behind every woman’s BRE’ ASTs


#2-Many Women Love Their br**sts More than You Do: Most of the women surveyed consider their br**sts to be key parts of their s*xual identity, as opposed to fashion accessories or mere body parts.

Sixty-two percent think it’s more exciting to pull off their tops than their bottoms, and 78 percent prefer the woman-on-top position because it shows off their br**sts better during s*x.

“A woman should be proud of her br**sts,” says Vicky, 23. “They’re miracles of evolution, as versatile as a Swiss Army knife: baby feeder, pleasure enhancer, compliment grabber.” They often use them to their advantage, too—87 percent of women we surveyed think women who make an effort to show off their br**sts receive preferential treatment.



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