REVEALED!! Secrets Behind every woman’s BRE’ ASTs


#3-Women Can Be Deeply Conflicted About Their br**sts: As women grow up, emotions related to their br**sts may set in. “I happen to love my br**sts now—but growing up, it wasn’t always like that,” says Levkoff. The fact that br**sts are ever-changing only complicates matters.

The average woman changes cup sizes six times during her adult life. Monthly cycles, birth-control pills, weight changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding all alter the size, shape, and feel of br**sts.

“The sexiest thing a woman can wear is her self-confidence,” says Elisabeth Squires, the author of b**bs: A Guide to Your Girls. “If she’s the least bit insecure, then work to help her feel good about her body.”

All you need, she says, is genuine enthusiasm, which probably won’t be a problem.



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