REVEALED!! Secrets Behind every woman’s BRE’ ASTs


#4-In Bed, You Know Nothing About Them: Men tend to have two “touching” defaults, says Herbenick. “They tend to either touch her the way they enjoy being touched (which usually means firmer or rougher), or the way a previous partner liked it.” In either case, she may not like it that way at all.

“Every woman will feel differently about her br**sts,” Levkoff says. Here’s how to deal: Every time a woman takes off her bra in your presence, wipe away all memory of previous br**sts. This works even if she is your partner of many years. Start over by pretending you’ve never seen them before.

“You learn and relearn how someone moans, sighs, and squeals when you touch them,” Herbenick says. “You will never have to slip into an old routine.”



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