4 Types of Se ‘x to Avoid, No Matter How Good it Feels


#1-Break-Up s*x: It may seem appealing to take one last ride on that pony for old time’s sake, but the consequences will likely outweigh the benefits. You’re breaking up, which means something isn’t working. And even if s*x isn’t the cause of your break-up, it can complicate an already delicate situation.

For instance, it’s easy for your partner to misconstrue your intentions. When it comes to break-up s*x, you don’t want your “It has been a pleasure doing business with you,” to be misinterpreted for a “Thank you.

Come again!” Even if you’re the type who makes your intentions crystal clear, science still offers warnings against break-up s*x.

Romantic rejection and heartbreak trigger the same parts of the brain associated with pain, distress and addiction. It takes time to reduce these triggers and when the wound is fresh, you don’t want to train your body to link s*x with these conditions.



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