4 Types of Se ‘x to Avoid, No Matter How Good it Feels


#2-Drunk s*x: A few drinks may loosen you up and help you to shed your inhibitions, but be sure to limit how many glasses you down as you may end up shedding and downing more than you bargained for.

“Bottom’s up” may be in good fun at the bar, but you need to decide whether you’re open to letting it take on a whole new meaning bedside. If you plan on drinking, bear in mind that alcohol impairs your judgment.

Booze goggles not only cause light-of-day regret the following morning, but also reduce the likelihood of using condoms and other safer s*x tools – so plan ahead. And that liquid confidence may seemingly improve your performance on the dance floor, but it can have the opposite effect sexually.

Alcohol impacts your body’s s*xual response and circulation making erections and lubrication harder to come by.



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