4 Types of Se ‘x to Avoid, No Matter How Good it Feels


#4-Make-Up s*x: Experts are split on this one and you can decide for yourself whether make-up s*x works for you. Some psychologists believe that it rewards fighting, drama and generally bad behaviour.

They suggest that couples are dealing with intensely negative emotions and instead of finding a resolution, they seek an opposite experience (pleasure) in s*x.

They argue that this type of s*x isn’t “real intimacy” and that it can lead to loneliness and the belief that everything can be fixed with s*x. What a world it would be if this were true!

If you find yourself enticed by these four types of s*x, you may want to take a moment to reconsider. And if you’re still tempted, at least consider the laundry!

Source: MSN

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