EXPOSED! Undertaker reveals how he sleeps with female corpses

A 45-year-old (unnamed) undertaker at Akyem Tafo ‘Old Town’ in the Eastern Region has made what is described as the most shocking revelations which has left residents spellbound.

He claims he satisfies his unbridled libido by sleeping with corpse of pretty women he is mostly contracted by the bereaved families to prepare for burial.

Kwesi Adamu [not real name] disclosed to Koforidua-Based Bryt FM’s Nyarko Abronoma that he developed the urge for sleeping with corpse a decade ago when he was introduced to the business of dressing corpse for burial.

On his motivation for committing such a dastardly act, he said “I don’t see it to be wrong at all. Yes, I have sex with them but all I have to do is to ensure that I don’t ejaculate in the dead body because it could get pregnant in the afterworld and I may be haunted by the spirits. It is same as normal sex and I enjoy it much”

‘Kwesi Adamu’ who claims he has no girlfriend disclosed that he has had sex with corpse in Accra, Kumasi and Koforidua but always do so at the blind side of members of the bereaved family.

“I have never proposed to a lady since I find pleasure in what I do”, he disclosed.

Recounting how he missed a similar opportunity recently to sleep with a corpse, he said a woman who had gold plaited teeth was being prepared for burial and he admired her from a distance but in view of the presence of relations and other mourner, he could not carry out his usual acts.

Many are however of the view that the undertaker is facing the wrath of his actions after having sex with female corpses in time past.

He however concedes his actions are having a negative impact on his life as he experiences spiritual warfare as well as a decline in his business revealing that most of his colleagues within the community are into such barbaric acts.



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