Shatta Wale & Shatta Mitchy Unfollow each Other on Instagram–Strip Club Spanking Causing An Issue? has just realised that Shatta Wale and his baby mama and partner-Shatta Mitchy have suddenly unfollowed each other on Instagram, in the wake of social media conversation that Wale disrespected Mitchy with a recent strip club videos he posted.

Earlier this week, Shatta Wale posted several videos of himself in a United States strip club on Facebook, splashing cash on the asses of strippers–and in one of the videos, spanking a stripper’s ass while fully enjoying it.

Many have called the above disrespectful to his woman–with some defending him as it not being a big deal.

It seems like, after all, it’s a big deal to Shatta Mitchy–that’s it if this Instagram unfollowing of each other has anything to do with the strip club incident.

Currently, Shatta Wale follows just one person, Burnaby, after taking Mitchy off…



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