NDC better in recognizing hard work than NPP – lecturer

Economist and lecturer at the Kumasi Technical University , Rev Thomas Kusi Boafo has observed that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) recognizes the contributions of hard working members more than the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He indicates that the NDC is bereft of ideas in managing the economy which is one of its major shortfalls but in terms of member recognition as to who helped it to win an election it is the best among equals.

“NDC has no ideas in running an economy that is an open secret. But I will assure you that the day the party is able to perform well in that sector coupled with its ability to cater and elevate persons who have contributed in diverse ways for its successes, they will rule for a very long time”, he observed.

According to him, the NPP despite its experience is noted for neglecting those who are always key for its victory paving the way for electoral entrepreneurs who now determine who should be given what position.

“This is so because the party has allowed itself to be hooked by these chiefs and entrepreneurs. Go to the grassroots as we speak there is serious apathy because some persons are already feeling neglected”, he disclosed.

He however warned that if care is not taken, the NPP will press an automatic self destruction button especially in the choice of its Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs).

“If you are a general and don’t know those who helped you to win a war be certain to lose the next war. The NDC has no economic management expertise which is their major problem but if they are able to pass that test, then the NPP must brace itself for a bigger challenge”, he warned.



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